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 We are using Horse Monkey to manage entries to all our horse related fundraising events and competitions. You can now enter our events and pay your entry fee on line. Click on the
link below. This helps us with our administration and hopefully makes it easier for you to support us.

St Ebba's Farm Epsom RDA Schedule 2018

If you would prefer to enter our events by post paying the entry fee by cheque please click on the relevant entry form below for details

Polework Clinics with Steve Banting Entry Form
Poleclinic 15 April Times

18 March Unaffiliated Dressage - EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER
Refunds of entry feees to follow shortly
Walk and Trot Times
Preliminary Times
Novice Times

14 April - Verstatile Trec in aid of Epsom RDA and Cranleigh RDA - CANCELLED DUE TO POOR GROUND CONDITIONS
rRefunds of entry fees to follow shortly

22 April Unaffiliated Entry Form
Dressage Results

13 May Horse Agility Clinic Entry Form - EVENT FULLY BOOKED

09 September Fun Ride Entry Form

07 October Unaffiliated Dressage Entry Form

11 November Unaffiliated Dressage Entry Form

The dressage tests for all the Unaffiliated Dressage competitions are:
BD Introductory B (2009)
BD Preliminary 13 (2006)
BD Novice 28 (2008)